Handgun 101

Firearm Type: Handgun

Skill Level: Beginner

“How do I learn about firearms safety and shooting fundamentals? What other classes can I attend to improve my skills?”

Survival Trail has the answer to your questions and the plan to develop your knowledge, skills, and mindset to responsibly own and operating your firearm(s) through our Handgun 101 course.

A certified instructor will take you through each phase of training starting in the classroom with firearms basics, then to the range for live fire instruction.

Survival Trail does offer Women’s Only Classes!


Class Description

  • Firearm Safety
  • Handgun types, nomenclature & cycle of operations
  • Understanding ammunition & cycle of operations
  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Maintenance & Storage

What to Bring

  • Note taking material
  • Unloaded Handgun preferably 9mm
  • Ammunition
  • Eye & Ear protection (also available for purchase if needed)

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