Concealed Carry II

Firearm Type: Handgun

Skill Level: Intermediate

Concealed Carry 2 is the follow up to our introductory CC seminar. This three hour class teaches the correct methods for developing a fast, and safe drawstroke of a concealed carried handgun. We take an in depth look at concealment techniques, how to defeat cover garments, and the steps necessary for a strong and safe presentation of the firearm. Students will simultaneously be developing the skills needed for faster, more accurate hits on target. All students MUST posess a firm knowledge and confidence of the basic handling and shooting fundamentals of their firearm. Trigger finger discipline, and proper muzzle discipline are required every moment of this course.


  • A decent, modern, working defensive pistol of at least 9mm, with at least 10 rounds capacity
  • At least 3 magazines
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • A NON-COLLAPSIBLE holster that completely covers the trigger capable of being securely clipped or fastened to a belt
  • A belt
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Willingness to learn

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